Annual Essay Contest Information

For Students in Delaware County Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Cash Awards:

Elementary Division

  • First Place: $250
  • Second Place: $150
  • Third Place $100

Middle School Division

  • First Place: $250
  • Second Place: $150
  • Third Place $100

High School DivisionNEW CASH AWARD INCREASE! In an effort to recognize and support our high school students as they continue their education, C.I.E. has increased the award amounts for the high school division.

  • First Place: $1,000
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place $250

Essay Deadline: February 10, 2021

The Essay Topic for 2021: In what ways have I shown integrity during a crisis, or seen it displayed in others?

Using the writing prompt/topic above, complete a writing activity.

Feel free to incorporate ideas such as:

  • Identify examples of how you have personally shown a commitment to improving your community. (Your community could include where you live, work, go to school, play or worship.).
  • Cite research, details, or other sources to make your essay more interesting.
  • Be sure to include a beginning, middle, and an end to your essay.

Your writing will be scored on how clearly you write and how well you get your ideas across. Be sure to check your writing for correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.  When you have finished, use the Editing Checklist below to check your essay. Please include a word count.

Editing Checklist:

  1.     Have you started each sentence with a capital letter?
  2.     Have you capitalized names of people and places?
  3.     Have you used correct punctuation?
  4.     Have you spelled all words correctly?
  5.     Does the action word (verb) of your sentence agree with the subject?
  6.     Have you used the correct form of your action words (verbs)?
  7.     Have you written complete sentences?
  8.     Have you followed the guidelines for length of essay?

Maximum word length:

  • Division I   (Grades 4 & 5) 250 words
  • Division II  (Grades 6 – 8) 600 words
  • Division III (Grades 9 – 12) 1,000 words