Essay Contest Winners

The Committee for Integrity Enhancement is proud to present the winning essays for you to read.

2024 — The topic: “How is your character important to your integrity?”

Elementary School Division: Brooklyn Zirkle, Yorktown Elementary (Beth Buehler, teacher). Division 1 2024 Elem 1st Winner Booklyn Zirkle

Middle School Division: Isla Suding, Delta Middle School (Lynde Bratton, teacher). Division 2 2024 MS 1st Winner Isla Suding

High School Division: Juno Leckie-Morales, Muncie Central School (Danny Thornburg, teacher). Division 3 2024 HS 1st Winner June Leckie-Morales

2023 — The topic: “How is my personal life showing integrity?”

Elementary School Division: Piper Lyons, Cowan Elementary (Mrs. Whitehair, teacher). Division 1  2023 Elem 1st place Piper Lyons

Middle School Division: Jensen Boyd, Delta Middle School (Nakkia Patrick, teacher). Division 2 2023 MS 1st place Jensen Boyd

High School Division: Dametrius Hall, Heritage Hall Christian School (Mr. Wallace, teacher). Division 3 2023 HS 1st place Dametrius Hall

2022 — The topic: “What are some steps I can take to have integrity in my everyday experiences?”

Elementary School Division: Tanvi Chhajed, Yorktown Elementary (Mr. Robert Voss, teacher). Division 1 Tanvi Chhajed Elem 1st place

Middle School Division: Rachel Ward, Yorktown Middle School (Mrs. McKnight, teacher). Division 2 Rachel Ward MS 1st place

High School Division: Tessa Williams, Heritage Hall Christian School (Mr. Wallace, teacher). Division 3 Tessa Williams HS 1st place

2021 — The topic: “In what ways have I shown integrity during a crisis, or seen it displayed in others?”

Elementary School Division: Kael Waterman, Yorktown Elementary (Erin Jackson, teacher). Division 1 Kael Waterman Elementary 1st place

Middle School Division: Shae Punzal, Pope John Paul Middle School (Hattie Isenburg, teacher). Division 2 Shae Punzal MS 1st place

High School Division: Chantal Sowers, Wes-Del High School (Pamela Meirer-Fisher, teacher). Division 3 Chantel Sowers HS 1st place

 2020 — The topic: “How can my commitment to improving our community show my integrity?”

Elementary School Division: Anna Bowman, Yorktown Elementary (Mr. Kerkhoff, teacher). Division 1 Anna Bowman Elementary 1st place

Middle School Division: Mason Moulton, Yorktown Middle School (Taryn McKnight, teacher). Division 2 Mason Moulton MS 1st place

High School Division: Elizabeth Marshall, Delta High School (Kip Omstead, teacher). Division 3 Elizabeth Marshall HS 1st place

2019 — The topic: “How do I demonstrate integrity in the way I give of my time, talent or money?”

Elementary School Division: Grier Backus, Albany Elementary (Mrs. Hottinger, teacher). Division 1 Elementary 1st 2019 Grier Backus

Middle School Division: Isabel Quirk, Pope John Paul II (Mrs. Craig, teacher). Division 2 Middle School 1st 2019 Isabel Quirk

High School Division: Katie Nettrouer, Cowan Jr/Sr High School (Dr. Amy Conrad, teacher). Division 3 High School 1st 2019 Katie Nettrouer

2018 — The topic: “How do I demonstrate integrity in the way I relate to those who are different from me?”

Elementary School Division: Natalie Hatton, 4th grade, Daleville Elementary (Stacey King, teacher). Division 1 Natalie Hatton- Elementary

Middle School Division: Chantel Sowers, 8th grade, Wes-Del Middle School (Mrs. Meier-Fisher, teacher). Division 2 Chantel Sower- Middle School

High School Division: Ben Martin, 12th grade, Woodward Academy. Division 3 Ben Martin – High School 1st place

2017 — The topic: “Why is important to show integrity in working to achieve a difficult goal?”

Elementary School Division: Emma Judge, West View Elementary (Miss Hunter, teacher). Division 1 Emma Judge Elem School Division 1st Winner

Middle School Division: Lea Alexander, Yorktown Middle School (Robert Reid, teacher). Division 2 Lea Alexander Middle School Division 1st Winner

High School Division: Matthew Zirkle, Heritage Hall Christian School (Bob Winebarger, teacher). Division 3 Matthew Zirkle- High School Division 1st Place Winner

2016 — The topic: “How do my beliefs and actions show my commitment to being a person of integrity?”

Elementary School Division: Lydia Coombs, Selma Elementary (Adam Faulkner, teacher). Division 1 CIE Essay 2016 Elementary 1st Place Lydia Coombs

Middle School Division: Alana Stonewall, Heritage Hall Christian School (Roy Callan, teacher). Division 2 CIE Essay 2016 Middle School 1st Place Alana Stonewall

High School Division: Joli Finley, Delta High School (Suzy Fox, teacher). “The Real Key to Success” Division 3 CIE Essay 2016 High School 1st Place Joli Finley

2015 — The topic: “How can my response to authority (parents, teachers, police, etc.) reflect my integrity?”

Elementary School Division: Benjamin Stanley, St. Mary Elementary. Division I Winner 2015 Committee for Integrity Enhancement

Middle School Division: Douglas McDaniel, Delta Middle School. “Parental Matadors” Division 2 Winner Parental Matadors

High School Division: Ben Martin, Woodward Academy (Home School). “Tamin” Division 3 Winner Committee for Integrity Enhancement

2014 — The topic: “How Can I Show Integrity in the Way I Express My Opinions?

Elementary School Division: Brady Hunt, 5th grade, Royerton Elementary School (Mrs. Christopher, teacher). CIE Essay 2014 Elementary 1st place Brady Hunt.

Middle School Division: Kennedy Little, 6th grade (Mrs. Turner, teacher). CIE Essay 2014 Middle School 1st Place Kennedy Little.

High School Division: Anna Grover, 10th grade (Mrs. Fox, teacher). CIE Essay 2014 High School 1st Place Anna Grover.