A “Thank You” message to teachers, 2018 essay contest

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The Committee for Integrity Enhancement essay contest would not exist without the support of the teachers of Delaware County. Please accept our sincere appreciation and thanks!

The teachers participating in the 2018 CIE Essay Contest are:

Cowan Schools Stephanie Goggin, Janet Jenkins, Ami Brown, Amy Conrad
Daleville Schools Stacey King, Mrs. Zirkle
     Albany Elementary Ms. Iliff, Mrs. Hottinger, Mrs. Speicher, Mrs. Brand
     Royerton Elementary Miss Holdren, Mrs. Vance, Mrs. Bratton,  Mrs. Kile
     Delta Middle School Mrs. Decker
     Delta High School Mrs. Suzy Fox
Heritage Hall – Elementary Mrs. Carpenter, Miss Rapacki
     Middle School Mr. Carpenter, Mr. McKee
     High School Mrs. Winebarger, Eddie Mixell
Liberty Perry
     Selma Elementary Ms. Jackson
     Selma Middle School Mrs Milliner
Muncie Schools
     East Washington Academy Ms.  Kalbow,  Ms. Buehler,  Mrs. Stultz
     Longfellow Elementary Ms. Stuhvlak,  Mr. Mikel, Ms Britten
     North View Elementary John Lattimer
     West View Elementary Ms. Hunter,  Ms. Seale
     Northside Middle School Ms. Hiestand, Ms Koon,  Mr. Paluch
St. Mary Elementary Ms. Jessie,  Ms. Dickerson
     Wes-Del Elementary Ms. Nauman, Ms. Millspaugh,  Mr. Werling,  Mr. Shaffer, Ms. Banister, Ms. Daugherty
Yorktown Elementary Ms. Logan,  Mr. Anderson, Ms. Reffett,  Mr. Voss,  Mrs. Tetrault, Ms. Jackson,  Ms. Oetting,  Mrs. Mc
Mrs. McCullaugh
Woodward Academy Dee Martin

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