Integrity, The Key Ingredient for Embracing Diversity, Pastor Andre Mitchell

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Integrity, The Key Ingredient for Embracing Diversity, Pastor Andre Mitchell

The speaker for the 2018 Committee for Integrity Enhancement Awards Ceremony was Pastor Andre Mitchell, Senior Pastor of Deliverance Temple Church in Muncie. His words offered inspiration and encouragement and challenged the students and all attending to embrace integrity and diversity in their lives.

His key points for us to remember:
“Integrity comes from the root word integer which means whole instead of fraction. So integrity starts with personal wholeness.”
“Broken people break people. Hurting people hurt people. When people are whole they become healed people and healed people heal people.”
“When personal integrity stands side by side with diversity it’s easy to interact with those other than you because you view them as one race the human race.”
“Wholeness that stems from integrity teaches us that all differences can be embraced whether age, gender, race, or political differences because we offer others the same respect we desire ourselves.”
“Lastly, we must remember the tortoise and the hare. The hare made the tragic mistake of judging his success based on who was next to him instead of the finish line. Personal Integrity is our finish line and it becomes easy to relate to others different from us when we don’t make them our focus. Our personal focus is to be the best, most whole people we can be. That is our finish line.”
Thank you, Pastor Mitchell.
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